I should be thankful. Half of the state of South Dakota was hit with a lot of snow. Part of the state got hit with a major ice storm and they are without power. We got a few flurries. No school cancellations and I am toasty warm in my house. But seriously…it is April 10th.… Read More

Some days it feels like yesterday and some days it feels like a different lifetime when I walked down the aisle to him and said, “I do”. Wow, 13 years ago it was made official. Mr. and Mrs. Chad Thue. Lots of dreaming, 3 baby girls and many memories fill the last 13 years. Every… Read More

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like the movie Groundhog’s Day. Except it really is a different day but it feels like you are living the same day over and over and over again? It has been a tough year. Roller coaster emotions, big decisions, big changes, a lot of waiting… Read More

. . .and B is for bunnies, babies, basketball, baptism and the Bible. We had a weekend full of these things. It is hard to believe that the Easter season is over. We still have snow on the ground. My girls were a little frozen in their Easter outfits and flip flops. We spent a… Read More