The only boy in our house is my husband.  We don’t even have a pet that is a boy.  So, he ends up participating in a lot of girl related activities, shopping, american girls, even our legos are purple and pink. One thing that the girls love to do with their daddy that isn’t girl… Read More

Family pictures are important, but in a time that we are trying to cut back and save a little money, hiring a professional wasn’t an option. Chad bought me a nice Nikon DSLR Camera so I decided that I needed to use it.  I didn’t want to try to use the timer so I enlisted the… Read More

My girls are getting a little older so I wasn’t quite sure they would want to make a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year.  It’s funny though how it is usually the oldest that reminds me of traditions she still expects to do even as a teenager. She asked me last week when we… Read More

This is my middle girl, Madelyn. She is my biggest helper around the house.  She knows how to clean, she is learning how to cook and she is always willing to jump in and help her mama. I am a full-time working mom so my kids have to jump in and help.  Madi is the… Read More

We are a family that loves games.  It is one of our favorite family activities.  Lots of laughs and memories have been made around the table on game nights. Lately we have been quite busy and have not made a lot of time for games.  But last night our niece and nephew came over and… Read More

In our house the youngest often gets dragged along to do what the big girls want to do.  In fact we had to remind them that she was little and she still gets to watch cartoons, etc. So last year when we headed to the Mall of America and our oldest asked if they could… Read More

If you would have told me that my kids would be crafting with Duct Tape, I would have laughed.  But, that is exactly one of the craft supplies of choice in my house. Earlier this fall my older girls created a belt and shirt out of this stuff. And now my youngest has started watching… Read More

When I was a young girl I had one prayer that I said every night before I went to bed.  In fact, I was still a young adult when every night I prayed this child’s prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before… Read More

When Taylor was 4 years old she had her first experience with dance.  She put on her little leotard and ballet shoes and commanded the stage.  Well, something like that. . .she was the one that was on stage pointing to the other girls places, telling them where to stand. She danced for 2 years… Read More

A couple of months ago my middle daughter wanted to do a project with her mama.  She had her mind set on an old ugly picnic table that her dad really wanted to take to the dump. I really liked the table and benches, but it needed a new life if we were going to… Read More