This afternoon as I was thinking back on my lunchtime run I was replaying a scene in my head.  One of my co-workers was at the gym and when I finished my run said, “How many today?” My response was, “Just 2 miles, today was my easy day.” I keep thinking about my response… I… Read More

Ready for another healthy week in the Thue house. It is a little quieter week this week for everyone so hopefully we can have a few more meals where everyone is at the table at the same time. I went grocery shopping and my cart had a huge personality conflict. I am trying to slowly… Read More

So the challenge has been over for a week. I am done drinking meal replacement shakes for breakfast. I still start my morning with Spark because it is a great refreshing drink to get me going. I am limiting my dairy, not drinking soda and staying away from dessert. I still have cauliflower, broccoli, etc.… Read More

So I made it past Day 24 of my challenge. With very few little cheats. I had a little piece of cake to celebrate my Dad’s 69th Birthday and I did end up eating a hot dog at the concession stand on Day 24 because I was in a hurry and starving. But, no alcohol,… Read More

Well, I survived my 24 day Challenge. My results were amazing, I am still in shock. But that is a post for tomorrow because it deserves a separate post, so you will have to stay tuned. After my amazing cheat meal of Chicken Pasta Carbonara (it did have peas and muschrooms in it), it is… Read More