My dad unexpectedly left his earthly body in the very early morning hours of August 9, 2016. He had not been in the best health, he suffered from emphysema and had a hard time walking on a bad hip, but he wasn’t technically “sick”. As we mourned with our family, one of my daughters said… Read More


For anyone that knows me well, they are well aware that I am a dreamer. I am always keeping my eyes open for possibilities and I love a new adventure. Little did I know that with a quick decision that was made last November, I would enter into an adventure that would lead to one… Read More

Get Lucky 7K 7

I am a runner. It has taken me a long time to say those four words. Even after taking far too long of a break from running, I can still call myself a runner. When I look back at this time last year, I was struggling to run for 5 minutes straight. It hurt, my… Read More

I saw a challenge from Elle Luna on instagram awhile back for The 100 Day Project. You were supposed to pick one thing creatively to do for 100 days straight and post a picture each day on instgram. I thought hard about it. I didn’t want it to be a chore, but I wanted to… Read More

Winter can get a little long in South Dakota. We haven’t had a bad winter, not a lot of snow and the temperature hasn’t been too bad. But it is still winter. It is dark when I get home from work and it feels like bedtime way too early. Last year at this time I… Read More

This post has been eating away at me for months. Words, so many words that have been fighting to get out and I have tried very hard to push them back in. I have been a mom sitting in the stands cheering on my girls for six years. My oldest played her first game of… Read More

I decided this year I would choose a word of the year. I have been seeing a lot of other words announced today. Brave, refine, abound, focus, shine, and persevere are a few of my favorites, but none of those words really fit where I want to go in 2015. As I sat and pondered… Read More

The presents are open, the wrapping and boxes are thrown away, another Christmas is in the books. I am still not quite ready to take down the tree or turn off my Christmas lights outside. I want to savor the season as long as I can. There are still traces of Christmas in the kitchen…… Read More

My hubby has been listening to me for 3 1/2 years say “Take me to the sea”. For a girl that has lived in South Dakota my entire 37 years, there is just something about the ocean that draws me in.  I have told him since the first time I stood drinking in the ocean… Read More

Tonight as I sit here and write, my older daughters are gone watching a volleyball game with friends and my hubby took our little on a daddy/daughter movie date. My little said, “Why don’t you come with us to the movie? It’s not like you have anything else to do tonight.” She was kinda right.… Read More