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I had read an article on facebook about the best races for running swag and the Get Lucky 7K just happened to be the exact same weekend we were headed into the Cities. I knew that I was about halfway through my 15K training so I decided that this would be a great first race.


After I signed myself up I started trying to convince my oldest daughter to run it with me. She was just coming off of basketball season so she hadn’t been running and did not think she was ready for a 4 mile run. I didn’t give up though, considering that I run about as fast as she could walk and she would get a really cool jacket and a big medal, she finally gave in and told me she would do it.


get lucky 7K 1


Thank goodness we decided to stay at the motel right next to the starting line because she rolled out of bed about 20 minutes before we had to start the race. Here we are all smiles before we started the race. I was prepared for the race thinking it could have been 20 degrees that day, but we got lucky and it was a beautiful 50 degree day.


There were 11,000+ participants in this race. It was crazy and a little overwhelming, but so much fun. This is the starting line. Yikes!


Get Lucky 7K 4


I had told Taylor I had two goals. The first goal was to run the whole race. I DID NOT want to walk. My second goal was to run 11 minute miles. For me that was what I told myself would help me to run the whole race and not walk. We weaved our way into this mess of people and walked our way up to the starting line and then we started to run.


It was a beautiful day and the race route was surrounded with spectators cheering us on and a little music along the way. Every 1K we ran there was a flag telling us we were another K closer to the finish line.


My amazing daughter coached me through the whole race. It was awesome. There were a few hills along the race course with a lot of people to weave through. She encouraged me to pick up my knees and focus on getting up the hill. At one point she said, “Mom, in no time we will be over this hill and we are running, just look at all the people that are going to walk up this hill.” Yes those are people on that hill. Thousands of people that we had to weave through as we ran up that hill and so many of them were walking.


Get Lucky 7K 5


We got up this hill, rounded a corner and saw the 6K sign up ahead. I text the sign to the rest of our family so they kept their eyes open on the finish line. I wasn’t running 4 miles for them to miss seeing us finish the race.


We crossed that finish line together. We ran the whole race. It was so cool. I told my husband it was probably one of the best memories I have with one of my girls. What a fun experience. And less than one year ago, I could not have done it with her. There is no way I could have run 4 miles. And I just did it with my biggest girl.


Get Lucky 7K 3


Before this race I had only run 4 miles twice during this training and when we started that morning I reallly didn’t know if I could do it. And not only did we hit my first goal, we beat my second goal, too. Our average pace was 10:31. WOOHOO! When you have never run a 4 mile road race before, you couldn’t even run 5 minutes straight 8 months prior without crying and you are 37 years old, a 10:31 pace is a win.




My girl and I celebrated with a few pictures. It was a perfect memory for this mama. She was full of smiles and I loved every second of it. 


Get Lucky 7K 6



Get Lucky 7K 7


I can’t wait for us to be able to do it again. And next time her younger sister is going to race with us. As we were running she said we should find some cool destinations to do more races together. Yes, I agree, yes we should. Who knows, maybe we can get their dad to run with us and eventually the littlest sister, too.

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