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Last Friday afternoon I wsoke up to a crazy busy day. I knew I had to stay on schedule to get everywhere I needed to be that day. I also knew that I had a 7 mile run hanging over my head that had to be done Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I was running a little behind schedule already but I knew I needed to get in at least a 3 mile run on my lunch break. I laced up my shoes and started to run. I decided to take a different route (I get really bored if I don’t mix things up a little bit). I was prepared to run 3, I was ready to do my quick 30 minute run and shower and get on with my crazy day.

As I got closer to hitting my 3 miles I felt so good that I decided right then that the rest of my day could wait, I was going to keep going. I ran up one street and down another, weaving through the streets by my house. Then I headed out to through the cemetary and out onto the nature trail.

As I hit the nature trail my May My Run app told me that I had completed 5 miles. I knew that the nature trail would put me at 6 miles and then it was 1 mile to my house. I was going to finish 7 miles, I had no doubt that I could do it. 

One of my biggest obstacles in my training was the voices in my head telling me that I couldn’t do it. I was never going to be able to get trained for this 9 mile race.

On Friday, there were no voices. Not once in my run did I think I couldn’t do it. One of my high school friends commented on my facebook post after my run and said, “That’s the turning point!…when the voices in your head no longer win.”

It was so awesome. 7 miles, who would have ever believed I could do it, I sure didn’t, but now I know I can. And this week when I head out to run 8 miles, I can do it. I am not saying that it will be easy. It will probably hurt. I might not be able to move the next day. But I can do it.

Two week countdown to the 15K and I am going to be ready!

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  • Amy, this is so inspiring, I love it. I want my daughter in law to read your blog. She is a runner and needs some inspiration right now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You go girl! I am excited for your big day.

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