I am a runner.

It has taken me a long time to say those four words. Even after taking far too long of a break from running, I can still call myself a runner.

Get Lucky 2

When I look back at this time last year, I was struggling to run for 5 minutes straight. It hurt, my mind told me I couldn’t do it.

Last night, right before sundown, when the heat was finally bearable, I decided to go for a long overdue run. I struggled to get into my running capris, it would have been quite an amusing sight for anyone that would have caught a glimpse of that. I grabbed my flipbelt, iphone and headphones and I was off.

I told myself it didn’t matter how far I ran, I just needed to work up a sweat, but in the back of my mind I was thinking 2 miles would be an accomplishment. Considering that in April I ran a 15K (9.3 miles) you would think that 2 miles would be a piece of cake. However, when you haven’t run for 2 months, I knew that 2 miles would be pushing it.

Post 15K run

But I did it. From the moment I left my driveway until the final step it was 2.24 miles to be exact. And it wasn’t easy. My chest hurt, my knees hurt and my mind told me that it really wanted to walk.

This morning I moved a little slower to the shower as my knees reminded me that they do not love to run. But the rest of my body is saying thank you.


I have my two medals from my races this year hanging up for me to walk by everyday to remind myself that, “Yes, I Am A Runner!” I am busy planning my next race so I can start a training program to get me out running on a regular schedule. (I know it shouldn’t take a race to get me motivated, but it really helps me)

Get Lucky 7K 7

There are so many reasons for me to get out there and run. Not only is it good for my overall physical health, but it is good on so many other levels.

  1. It gives me quiet time to think and pray.
  2. It gets me outside to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.
  3. It lets me listen to music that I love.
  4. It makes me mentally tough.
  5. It shows my girls the importance of taking care of yourself.
  6. Road races in fun places give me an excuse to get out of town and have a little fun after I sweat.
  7. It is an activity that I have been able to do with my girls.

I am sure there are more reasons to get out and run, but these are the ones that are on my mind right now.

For years I have told myself that before I am 40 I am running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am getting closer so I better keep up my running so I can check this off my bucket list. The 2016 event is already sold out so my sights are on 2017, I guess that means I better keep running.

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