There really is never enough time.

I woke up to dirty dishes, messy rooms, sticky floors and dusty shelves. It would have been easy to spend the day inside the house with all the tasks waiting to be done. But, Nadia and I put on our dresses, got in the car and left on an adventure.

You see, broken arms add a little twist to summer. No more swimming, jumping on the trampoline gets a little tricky and extreme summer heat doesn’t really work with a cast.


 Shopping, books, and frappucinos are a perfect way to spend a hot summer day.


We did start our day outside before it got so hot we couldn’t breathe. Nadia’s broken arm has slowed her down and in the process she has really started to notice the world around her. She has always loved nature, but she is really expressing how beautiful it is and she loves capturing it on camera.

nadia falls


 We spent a little time appreciating art. Her creative spirit loves to explore all the different mediums and dream about all the things she will create. We talked about where the different artists were from and how so many of them are from the great state of South Dakota. She knows she could be one of those artists someday.


 Fabric and craft shopping kept us cool in the heat of the day. 


 We finished off our day with a little Starbucks and the bookstore.

starbucks nadia

There was a time that I thought I had really missed out on something by not having a boy and having a house full of girls. Saturday was a great reminder of the special times I can have because I have all girls in the house. It was a wonderful day to not only share my passions with Nadia, but to focus on her passions.

And lucky for me I have two more girls in the house and I get to plan a couple more adventures.

They are never too little to encourage them to have big dreams, learn as much as they can about their passions and share their gifts with the world. 

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