For anyone that knows me well, they are well aware that I am a dreamer. I am always keeping my eyes open for possibilities and I love a new adventure.

Little did I know that with a quick decision that was made last November, I would enter into an adventure that would lead to one of the biggest leaps of faith I have taken so far in my life. And somehow in this crazy idea I would take all of my family along with me.

I was sitting in my third OTA Conference listening to all this talk of possibility and the future and making a difference in my community and something happened. That something led to many sleepless nights that had my mind racing, incredible conversations on possibilities and a decision that I could not run away from.

In November 2015, with my sister by my side (and a whole lot of help from our family, friends and community) we rented a store front on Main Street and opened a Pop Up Holiday Shop. Whimsy on Main opened its doors with three tables filled with craft supplies and cookies to lure people in. The next week we had product on the walls and shelves and we worked our tails off through the holiday season.


We labeled ourselves a pop up shop. We could have easily closed the doors after the holidays with no debt, exhausted and fulfilled that we survived and our little adventure was a success. But that didn’t happen. We kept our doors open through the tough winter months and started dreaming even bigger.

On a little side note, my sister and I were both working full-time jobs during the week and working our little shop every Saturday and Sunday. 

In March I had the opportunity to step onto the OTA Conference stage myself and tell my story. It could have been the end of the story, but I knew it was just the beginning. This dream was not going away.

On April 1, 2016 we moved our shop down the street. We now had a beautiful store front with amazing character and we were sharing the space with a photography and art studio. The environment doesn’t get much more creative than that.


My sister and I were still both working full-time while adding more products and planning for the future. This entire time my husband was actively participating as CFO and keeping us on task financially. He was also the loudest voice that told me, this is only going to work if you keep your full-time job.

This is when I like to say that God stepped in. (Actually He was there all along, but maybe now is when we started to listen for His direction)

As a family we made a big decision one week ago. We decided that I would leave my full-time job and pursue Whimsy on Main full-time. 

As soon as the decision was made I felt a peace that I have not felt in a very long time. I am scared out of my mind, but I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

It is a huge leap of faith for our family and it will include sacrifices for all of us. It isn’t easy to walk away from a comfortable salary to invest time and money into a new business, but I have no doubt it will be worth it.

In two weeks I will end one chapter and start a brand new one. There were many reasons that lead us to this ultimate decision that I will share in the future. For now, I am counting down the days until I can begin each workday as a full-time business owner on the main street I grew up on, in the town that I love.


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