I saw a challenge from Elle Luna on instagram awhile back for The 100 Day Project. You were supposed to pick one thing creatively to do for 100 days straight and post a picture each day on instgram.

I thought hard about it. I didn’t want it to be a chore, but I wanted to participate. I wanted to find something meaningful yet simple. I have been wanting to refocus my time on scripture so I decided to draw the scriptures. Or at least add a little color to them in my sketchbook.

So day one was Monday, April 6.

100 days day 1

 I paraphrased the scripture a bit, (actually I got distracted and just messed up the order a little bit, but that’s okay). Hopefully through this 100 day process on instagram I will be “Strengthened, rooted and built up in Him”.

So then Tuesday I added Day 2…

100 days day 2

 Now today, Day 3 is a special day in my house. It is my 15th wedding anniversary. So I thought it was appropriate to use one of our wedding scriptures.

100 days day 3

 Fifteen years, it amazes me. And this project is appropriate to the last 15 years. We are blessed to have built our marriage with God as the center. Our focus on Him throughout the last 15 years has brought us closer together and helped us get through the craziness of life.


This guy is pretty amazing. We have shared so many memories in the last 15 years. God has sent us on an interesting path along the way. What a blessing it is to be married to this man. He puts up with all my crazy ideas. He survives in a house full of girls and he treats us all like princesses.

So I reflect today on my 100 Days of Scripture in Color by praising God for Love that Never Fails.

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