“Sometimes ‘right back where you started from’ is right where you belong.” ~Curly Girl Designs

I’m Amy Thue, writer, singer, artist, baker, party planner, sports loving, traveler and big dreamer. I am a mother of three girls, married to my very own prince charming living in small town South Dakota.

I was a girl that had big plans to leave this small town in the dust and never look back.

God had other plans and I ended up back in my little town ten years after I left, in my old neighborhood with grandma and grandpa two blocks away.

Learning to love where God has led our family, and the blessings of being in my hometown.

I was a career mom to stay-at-home mom back to career mom as my babies are growing and away at school every day.

I am always on the lookout for our next adventure or an excuse to throw a party. When I am not sitting in the stands cheering on my girls or sitting in the theatre watching them perform, you will find me in my kitchen, next to my sewing machine or nestled in my favorite chair with a book.

We are a Jesus loving, God-centered family, striving to share the love of Christ with others.

I tell my kids to find their passion and figure out how they can follow it. Right now in this season of my life, this little space online is me following my passion.

Welcome to a little glimpse into our small town life filled with days of making memories. Join us on our next adventure.