Let's Start at the Very Beginning

Let's Start at the Very Beginning


I was a blogger before blogging was a thing. When I left the corporate rat race when my third daughter was born to be a stay-at-home mom, I freaked out a little bit. I was super excited to focus my energy on my girls, but we were moving to a small town (in what seemed like the middle of nowhere), and I was scared that if I left my career, I would never get back in it.

It was important to me to keep my skills sharp so when I wanted to go back to a full-time career, I had not lost any of the skills I had worked hard to gain. So, I decided to start my first blog. I knew nothing about blogging, but I published my first post on a free blogging platform and started writing.

My years as a stay-at-home mom blogging were an amazing experience. I met amazing online friends that I was able to meet in real life. I did some traveling to conferences and even won a trip to New York City. I captured memories of my days at home with my girls and remembered not to take any of it for granted.

Then life happened, we moved again, the girls were all headed to school and I decided to go back to work full-time. My blog got put to the side and eventually I hardly wrote anything at all.

Last year I decided to dust off the old blog and try to write more consistently. Unfortunately, I found out that my site had a nasty virus and it was going to cost me thousands of dollars to fix it. I had my original blog that I had used the first two years I was writing, but I was going to lose everything I wrote after September 2010. It was heartbreaking but I didn’t have any earth shattering content that I would miss. So I said goodbye to my site.

Here I am on a new site, with zero content, starting over. It is a new year and I have made the decision to devote more time to writing in this space. It is bittersweet, but it is way prettier than my first blog and I am excited to write again.

Welcome to my new space, I hope you enjoy the journey with me.


P.S. I had to share a few videos that I do still have from my old site that I thankfully saved on You Tube.

Just 18 Summers

Just 18 Summers