The Final Game

The Final Game


Dear Girl,

It was my privilege to watch you play your final two home basketball games last week. The first in your home gym and then your final game away. It has been so much fun to be one of your biggest fans. There have been so many emotions this year watching you go through a lot of lasts as a high school senior.

Your high school basketball career is over but you are taking away so much more than that final win. As I have processed this final season I have a few thoughts to share with you.

Your high school athletic career goes by quickly and at the end of the game, someone wins but someone also loses. Even though the score didn’t end with your team on top, you were all able to come out of that locker room, one final time with your heads held high.

You showed determination from the very start of the game. You were the underdogs and you almost beat a team that most people thought you never would. You left it all on the court that night and you had fun.

You may not have been the player that everyone noticed on the court because the box score didn’t always reflect your name with baskets, but I am fairly certain the opposing team remembers who you are and the frustration you caused defending their team.

I think it is easy for people to assume that as student athletes you don’t need any extra recognition. You get enough on the court or on the field. But I think sometimes people forget that you don’t get a lot of praise when you don’t win.

We have been watching most of you Senior girls play basketball since fourth grade and you were able to come together for one final game and finish your season making us all so proud of who you are on and off the court. (You girls have come a long way since fourth grade :)

I think people forget that when you get on that bus at night to travel to a game, your school obligations don’t get put on hold. There are many nights that you get home late and still have a test to study for, and assignments that are due.

I know your basketball shoes won’t get put in a closet and never come out again. In fact, I look forward to a day that I may be cheering on your team as a coach.

Just remember, sometimes the score when the buzzer sounds at the end of the game doesn’t reflect who really walks out of that locker room as a winner.

Love, Mama


Just 18 Summers

Just 18 Summers