It is hard for me to believe that when I woke up this morning I had a 16 year old in the house. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday that I was trying to figure out how to take care of a newborn for the first time. 16 years ago today you… Read More

My dad unexpectedly left his earthly body in the very early morning hours of August 9, 2016. He had not been in the best health, he suffered from emphysema and had a hard time walking on a bad hip, but he wasn’t technically “sick”. As we mourned with our family, one of my daughters said… Read More


For anyone that knows me well, they are well aware that I am a dreamer. I am always keeping my eyes open for possibilities and I love a new adventure. Little did I know that with a quick decision that was made last November, I would enter into an adventure that would lead to one… Read More

Get Lucky 7K 7

I am a runner. It has taken me a long time to say those four words. Even after taking far too long of a break from running, I can still call myself a runner. When I look back at this time last year, I was struggling to run for 5 minutes straight. It hurt, my… Read More

Nadia falls

There really is never enough time. I woke up to dirty dishes, messy rooms, sticky floors and dusty shelves. It would have been easy to spend the day inside the house with all the tasks waiting to be done. But, Nadia and I put on our dresses, got in the car and left on an… Read More

It’s cold out. I’ll run tomorrow. It was a long day. I’ll run tomorrow. I have too much to do. I’ll run tomorrow. I am tired. I’ll run tomorrow. I sat on the couch tonight, making every single excuse I could think of NOT to run. It was already 8:15 and I needed to start… Read More

As I sit here to write this post I think it is only appropriate to start with the truth. That 9.3 mile race was one of the hardest things I have ever, EVER, done outside of childbirth. I had trained strategically for this race, I had built up my miles slowly to prevent injury…BUT the… Read More

I saw a challenge from Elle Luna on instagram awhile back for The 100 Day Project. You were supposed to pick one thing creatively to do for 100 days straight and post a picture each day on instgram. I thought hard about it. I didn’t want it to be a chore, but I wanted to… Read More

Last Friday afternoon I wsoke up to a crazy busy day. I knew I had to stay on schedule to get everywhere I needed to be that day. I also knew that I had a 7 mile run hanging over my head that had to be done Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I was running a… Read More

  I had read an article on facebook about the best races for running swag and the Get Lucky 7K just happened to be the exact same weekend we were headed into the Cities. I knew that I was about halfway through my 15K training so I decided that this would be a great first race.… Read More